Areola Reconstruction

Areola Reconstruction & Scar Reduction

Areola Reconstruction is a form of cosmetic tattooing that creates a 3D effect of the Areola and nipple for the client. This treatment is primarily for clients that have been effected by Breast cancer and lost their Areola as a result of treatment. It can also be done for clients that have damaged, removed or uneven Areolas due to Breast Augmentation or Reduction surgery.

We cannot complete the treatment until we have signed confirmation from your consultant or after 12 months of your surgery.

Scar Reduction is a treatment where we use the dry needling technique to stimulate the melanin and collagen production of the skin, as a result reduces the appearance of scarring. It can only be done on scars that are either white or over 12 months old.

More often than not the treatment is pain free as the skin has no feeling. We are pleased to be able to offer the treatment free of charge for Breast Cancer patients, and all other work is priced on consultation.

Due to the sensitively of the treatment, all procedures are carried in the strictest of confidence and all consultations are arranged and dealt with personally by Grace. If you would like have a chat with grace about any of the treatments, please contact us below.

My Story

In 2018 a member of my Family was sadly diagnosed with Breast Cancer and it had a devastating impact on the family. As with anything, you always think it wont happen to us, but for my family it did. And boy did it shock us. Thankfully, she made a full recovery but, like many, there is still the shadow that will always be there.

After I got over the initial shock, I wanted to help her. As anyone would, we’re super close. So obviously I am not a doctor, and I could only offer words of comfort and that just wasn’t enough. But as a cosmetic tattooist already, I knew I could learn how to tattoo the Areola. It was something I had always wanted to do anyway and thankfully I was in a position to be able do it. So in July 2019 I went on a 4 day training course down south to complete the training.

I am now qualified in Areola Reconstruction and scar reduction and I am so pleased to be able to offer my services free of charge to anyone who has been effected by Breast Cancer.

This is a treatment that I am passionate about and I want it to be talked about more. So many people I come across don’t know that it is an option for patients so I am doing my best to get it normalised and spoke about and help as many people as possible. I have had the privilege of being featured in the MEN & Rochdale online – I have also been featured on Global Radio (Heart FM, Captial Radio and such like stations) I was approached by BBC Radio Manchester and invited Live on Air on Christmas Eve 2019. I was so honoured to be able to take her with me, so off we popped to Salford Quays (very late might I add) and chatted live on air with Asmir Younis. It is something that I will remember forever.

Areola Reconstruction is just an amazing treatment. It is where we design and create the areola for the patients in a 3D effect – it just gives a boost of confidence that sadly gets taken away with the treatment. Not all patients loose their Areola, but if they do, I am pleased to help them. It is a cosmetic tattoo that will last anything from 2-5 years and we top it up every time it is needed. All treatments with myself are free of charge. Along side this, I also offer scar reduction. More often than not, there is a lot of scaring left behind from the operation, and this is something that we can work on to reduce the appearance of.