Semi-Permanent Makeup is taking over the beauty industry. There are a few different methods and we specialise in eyebrow techniques.

Microblading is the most natural form of semi-permanent makeup. We use a row of very fine needles to create crisp natural strokes that mimic the look of your hair to create a natual brow. We implant semi-permanent ink between the dermis & epidermis of the skin using specialist equipment. Although it is called Microblading it isn’t actually a ‘blade’, we use a row of very fine needles, it can also be referred to as ‘nanoblading’. Both treatments are the same, it just varies which blade is chosen for the procedure. We use our skills and expertise to ensure we carry out the most suited treatment for you & your skin. Microblading usually lasts between 9-18 months and will depend on your skin type, aftercare & lifestyle.

SPMU is when we implant the ink into the dermal layer of the skin using a digital machine. We use this method when we are performing shading treatments for the eyebrows. Although manual shading is an option (using a microblade) we prefer the look and longevity of the machine work. Machine work will last anything between 1-3 years before you will need another treatment.

We can create many styles of eyebrows using the above techniques, and we will always ensure we pick the right treatment for you.

We offer the following:

Microblading: where we create natural hairstrokes throughout the eyebrows using a nanoblade
Blade & Shade: we create natural hairstrokes and gently shade the spine of the brow using the manual method

Machine Hairstrokes: where we create natural hairstrokes throughout the eyebrows using the machine method

Ombre Brows: is a bold statement brow where the bulb is lighter & fainter than the body & tail of the brow using a powdered techniques

Combined Brow is where we combine the micro-strokes & machine shading to create a natural brow.
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