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The “Renee” Lash is our WOW lash. Its whispy, full & effective ! The 3D look frames any eye perfectly. Ideal for them girls nights out!

Our Beau Lash is our feature lash – loved by all. Its whispy effect ouzes definition and class. Suitable for all eye shapes.

Our Geraldine lash is perfect for that ‘just a little bit but not too much’ lash. Fanning out to illude cat eyes. Perfect with a winged liner!!

Full, fluffy and fabulous! Our Veronica Lash is full of volume and just finishes off any look!

Our lashes have been carefully handcrafted need to be cared for properly, please see below our advice for the best care of your lashes:

Directions for use:

  1. Gently remove the lash using tweezers and trim to fit
  2. Put a thin layer of adhesive on the lash band and wait 30 seconds until tacky
  3. Place lashes above your lash line using tweezers, gently pressing down from the inner to outer corner of your eye until secure

To remove:

  1. Gently pull from the outer corners
  2. Remove any excess glue and store away in the box provided until next use
  3. If needed you can gently shampoo them using a disposable mascara wand and gentle shampoo


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