HD Brows Browtec is a mechanical brow pencil which shades and defines the brows.

Perfect for creating your perfect brow shape with long lasting colour and precise application, Browtec features an ultra-slim, retractable twist up design which ensures ultimate definition every time.

Available in a selection of shades to suit all hair and skin tones, Browtec is enriched with Vitamins C & E and Antioxidants which protect and nourish the skin. Delivering clean and accurate lines, Browtec is the perfect way to fill in sparse brows, leaving the looking bold and highly defined.

Tip: For a more traditional brow pencil we love Brow Define.

Shades Available:

  • Bombshell – Fair hair and skin tones.
  • Foxy – Medium hair and skin tones.
  • Vamp – Dark hair and skin tones.

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