Brow Treatments

Alongside our Semi-Permanent makeup treatments we offer High Definition (HD) Brows, Henna Brows & Brow tinting & shaping.

Henna brows is the longest lasting (apart from SPMU) brow treatment we offer. We use Henna to colour the eyebrow hair and also stain the skin beneath the brows to add more definition. We have an array of colours to mix a bespoke colour for each client. We use the henna to stain the skin behind the brow for added depth, and to cover any patches where there is no growth. Henna also nourishes and promotes regrowth to the brow hair. Henna brows usually last upto 6 weeks depending on each client. The skin stain can last anything between 2-14 days.

HD Brows is where we perform a 7 step treatment to create a brow most suited for you. HD Brows includes tinting, waxing, threading, tweezing & finishing products to style the brow.

Brow tinting & shaping is available with all of our staff. This is where we tint the brow hair & shape the brow using waxing or threading hair removal techniques.

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