Everybody’s life contains a certain level of stress, and there are many ways of coping with it. Here at Be Beau with Grace, we think the best way to chill out is with a relaxing massage. A massage isn’t just a soothing and enjoyable pastime, it also has health benefits such as increased circulation, relaxing tense muscles, reducing tension and a massage can also improve your skin.

We provide the most professional massages Heywood wide, carried out in a private room of our state of the art salon. Our massages are performed by a qualified beautician, trained and experienced in all types of massage that we offer. We offer full body massages, neck and shoulder massages and leg and foot massages, so no matter where you ache or where you feel the most tension, we can give you a massage that will help you.

Massages are suitable for men or women, and by using a private room in our beauty salon we can provide you with the privacy, peace and quiet you need for the best quality massage in Heywood. Our experienced beautician will try to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

For a relaxing and enjoyable massage, visit the most contemporary nail and beauty salon in Heywood, where we always provide a professional service in a friendly environment.  

Massage Traditional Swedish Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage (30 mins) £19.00
  Full Body Swedish Massage (60 mins) £33.00
  Full Body Swedish Massage (90 mins) £49.00


Swedish Massage

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